Friday, December 12, 2014

Section 7 Eye of God

Sketch of painting
Black then blue than red layer
Working on person, some landscape in, and golden frames

Finished painting

This week was the week of duds. I went through two paintings and a lot of what I did didn't turn out right which means I'll have to sand the crap out of them later and start anew. But the duds are part of the process. Also I have done 16 of these circles, expect at least 1/3 of them to not be masterpieces.
The piece I have above is the one that survived this week.
I wanted the idea of an open landscape sectioned off by frames. Originally I did the figure and did
multiple twin like figures. But I liked the idea of this figure being alone. The landscape with all the hills reminds me of Grant Wood. He was an expert with this type of bountiful and lush scenery. 
I also continued with the idea of the golden frames having just land as the subject. It's beautiful that the minor part of a painting can be recognized just as much as the portrait.
The composition is made more complex by the frame around the circle. It would be very bland if it was just the four frames in the center. The frame around it gives it a distinguished and honorable appearance
Grant Wood landscape

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