Saturday, December 20, 2014

Section 8 -Eye of God

The sketch
Figure done
Painting done

I wanted another figure with blond hair lights. I also wanted to have a potpourrish bouquet of flower. The angels were believe it or not influenced by El Greco.  However this piece is meant to be light and blithesome.  I chose a soft blue and pastel colros for the background. I also chose the back of the angels as it is an unusual pose for an angel.

 El Greco angel
The sketch

Blue layer

Red layer

Figure done

I wanted a central jolly figure. Amongst him are goofy pudgy angels..I hadn't painted the trees in a long time. The angels are having a swell time and two angels are sitting on the trees. Happy clouds circle along the frame on the left side giving the picture a pleasant presence.

the sketch

Add red layer
Humans done
Finished painting
This painting has more of a naive art feeling. But I like the simple shapes and flatness.  I again had the two person composition that the first post has. I like the upfront pose the main figure has. He looks squarely right at you. Also I added a circle right in the middle of the picture. Usually the circles are snug towards the top. It adds an unexpected element to the work.

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