Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Section 6 Eye of God

The drawing

Black and then blue layer
Red and then add line markings
The figures painted
The blue sky added

Picture done

I started the picture with a sketch of a group of men with 1950's greaser's hair styles.I wanted to add a kitsch as well as out of nowhere and extraneous element.Also the 1950s is just plain fun. Greasy diners and soda jerks. Great fun. Around them are figures more Persian and Egyptian like. The figures on the side of the painting are not frontal like the other panel figures are. With the figures on the right I wanted to include eccentric hair styles. They have hair in the middle of their head and tiny mustaches. They are more three quarter views with more agitated posture. Their diapers face forward from behind
I wanted to add a sky but not have it be clouds. The shape with the suns looks a little bit like a  tympanum. I wanted to manifest a Medieval church look. In the bottom half I wanted to echo the shape of the inside of the tympanaum. Except the shape around it is more of an ellipse.  I think it upsets the painting and gives it an off balance.
Trees decorate the top and bottom of the picture and give an ornate display.

The figures painted in

Paintings done
The painting started with the sketch of the big guy on the left. I started with the eye which was Egyptian but the more I painted him he looked less Egyptian and more like a gladsome
  Greek god. He ended up with brown hair. On the side of him I attached an appendage creature. 
I kept the sketch  but didn't know what to do with it.Two days later I thought about the cup bearers. When I think of Egyptians I think of the slaves in the movie The Ten Commandments They are backbreaking and exhausted  and always have a job to do I thought of a group of men in a sort of half circle carrying a rope. I liked the idea of a circle  because circles are friendly and agreeable.It also echos the bigger shape that is the circle.
 l like the idea of  showing undemanding tasks. When  people think of Egyptians they think stone carrier and more manly tasks.
I painted the same grass scene but decided to add water. It occurred to me I needed to include more water elements because of the Nile River or the Red Sea. It's sixth grade History and I've unintentionally omitted it. I didn't want it to be a big lake. I added a little stream that follows the people in the half circle. 
I included some green trees in the give the the picture an exotic locale.


Add black layer

Add blue layer then red layer

One figure painted in the other started

All figures painted in

Figures painted in and some landscape

Painting done

I drew the first two figures first.The figures skin looks more ethnic than the rest of my figures in this series. This occurs a lot in my my work. When I was 19 I was obsessed with murals. Most of my art from that period embraced multiculturalism and a fascination with Chicano art. I love the positivity that goes with art like William Walkers Wall of Respect and other contemporary murals with the same subject. I painted a lot of people with various skin tones. I love the opaque and saturated color, also richness of tones. It's an unconscious theme I have, but one that when people comment on it I gladly respond that I have an appreciation of painting all people.

work when I was 19

In the center of the painting I wanted to continue the idea of the group of men being rope carriers. I again am repeating how monotonous tasks can be beautiful ..The five to four men team are placed in the composition  in the middle of the picture similar to the first painting on this blog post. This is because I want some similar figural groupings throughout the room when the pieces are hung. Although I don't want to continue the figure placement in the next upcoming paintings because it would be too repetitive.
I chose to continue the landscape in the first painting of this blog post. There's something to be said about the simple black outline of a sun. It's straightforward and uncomplicated. The sun is attached to the water and seems merged with the water. There are little suns in the middle of the picture to add more landscape interest in the work.
When I painted the water on the top  it was originally sectioned off and framed. But it felt awkward and not free. I decided to leave water floating. The bottom of the painting includes water as well.
I added little gold frames. I love the idea of a frame whose sole identity is being a decorative frame and not something that displays.
I decided to add hills again as a landscape feature.

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