Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Section 5-Eye of God

Outline in black, and then blue
Outline in red then line markings of yellow. Some characters are  rendered.

More characters are done.

All characters are done.

Painting is finished.
I started the sketch with the idea of college hazing, but it is not dark but stupid and playful. Figures are running around with diapers on their heads, some hold their diapers above their stomachs. I wanted one figure to be distinct from the rest. One figure on the top right even smashes his head unto the grass with his diaper above his stomach. I didn't paint the hair black or dark brown because I wanted the hair an autumn orange. This panel is about the camaraderie and mischievousness that occurs in a heavenly state. I believe that are an assortment of both pranks and games, and not all of heaven is grim and serious.

The sketch

Layer of black then blue then red

On an earlier sketch I had sketched some angels. They are mannish angels with long skinny bodies flying overhead with wings like clouds. I originally had these figures in a sketch I decided to throw away but I saved the section. They are not the generic heavenly figures and appear human and common. Overhead I painted some hybrid angels again instead this time they are more like humans with the wings of a bird. At the bottom of the painting I painted some mini gods. They look like a little bit like Siegfried from Siegfried and Roy with the perfect blond hair and a glamorous and sleek look.

The main attraction is the architectural frame which looks like the inside of a Gothic church  There is almost a theatricality and grandeur to it .The frames move upward  to the top which looks like an glorious apse. The sides of the frames contains little tree scenes.

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