Saturday, January 17, 2015

Eye of God Section 12

I wanted to include the soccer ball motif that I had done earlier in the blog spot.  I felt that I should explore this motif some more.
I explored the college hazing theme here again except it is more sadistic. The figures are dunking some heads in water. Others are running around kicking the balls. The jolly fat king figure is in the front and at the bottom. I again included the peroxide hair. It looks wonky and madcap.Forests and cloud make this a dreamy landscape.

 I liked the coffin of Henutmehyt because it is noble and majestic but odd. The sculpture has two eyes with a huge gap in the middle. The eyes were exotic and weird, and looked like a face. I wanted to paint a face with the two eyes. The Eye of Horus symbol is generally one eye. I like the idea of using two Eye of Horus. It demystified the eye and makes it playful. I painted the eyes on the background figures. Except they have peroxide blond hair which makes it less Egyptian and idiotic. The trees and the clouds on the side of the painting help give the picture a soft and calming touch. I hadn't included the man angels in while. Two of them are flying overhead. They have a gawkiness that helps break some of the elegance in the picture.
I realized I hadn't yet attempted to do something with Egyptian writing. I added a simple cartouche shape at the bottom of the woman with Eye of Horus symbol. It helps give it a dignifying and lyrical feel.

 coffin of Henutmehyt

Eye of Horus symbol

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