Saturday, January 10, 2015

Section 11 Eye of God

Gold frame done and figures

Painting done

King Pepy I with white crown

The Tomb of Sennedjem

 I went to the library and finally grabbed a book of Egyptian art. I didn't want to have excessive Egyptian motifs in the series because I thought it would be tacky and stuffy. But I did see some shapes that I liked while flipping through the book. I liked the shapes of the Tomb of Sennediem. They are sarcophagus profile view. I like the shape of the beards and the repetition of the shapes. I had the sun shapes on the tops of figures. I sketched the shapes rotating around the circle. .I haven't done that yet. I thought it looked cheerful. I got two different reactions from studio pals. One person said it looked like a clock, another person said it looked like a roulette.
I looked at the sculpture of King Pepy 1. I found the crown-shaped head fascinating and the stick that he carries. I decided to make him the central figure. He has a cool and authoritative presence. I love the stick because the regal and superior power it possesses I included lots of white clouds and blue skies to make the picture winsome and dreamy.

It's blurred out but there is of the bottom a procession of figures holding the stick
east wall of chapel of Knumhotep at Beni Hasan
The sketch
Figures done background started

While flipping through the book I saw a photo of the chapel of Knumhotep at Beni Hasan. At the bottom of the wall was a group of figures in a line holding a stick. The panel is
the menial task of holding a stick. Four groups of figures are holding the stick. They are in a different body stance. The task has a beauty to it and there is a unique glory to the chore.
I had painted sky blue and clouds for the last backgrounds. This time I wanted to paint grass. But I couldn't have the whole panel painted green. I paint the top of the picture blue green which helps unite the picture.

I investigated the Egyptian book and loved the two color striped hair look. The book has several examples like the two that I pasted  below of  mask of King Psusennes and coffin of Hor.
I wanted to continue the dyed peroxide blond hair and I alternated it with dark brown. The hair has a look of supremacy. Each face was an individual sketch and I had no idea how to include them in a bigger sketch. I realized they looked stiff and statuesque I revisited my college hazing theme. What if the figures played with the statues and poked fun at their aloofness? Two tiny figures on the right and left sides are pinching their eyes. Other figures add to the backdrop of the picture. Trees and a calm sky blue help relax the tension in the picture.

mask of Psusennes

Mummy of Hor      

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