Friday, January 2, 2015

Section 10-Eye of God

Some figures done

Figures done

Hill and gold frame done

With this painting I wanted to do a college hazing angel experience. It wasn't as apparent as other paintings. But some of the inanity is there. My favorite part are the two angels with the diaper over his head. One of them is one of the bottom left and one of them is on the top left.
  His eyes are like boggles, which appears mishap and silly.  I 
enjoy the angel with the lanky arm gesture. He helps give the picture more movement.
 The multiple figures help give the scene a daffy comedic theatrical feel.
This was the first time I had the grass cut in the middle of the frame. The landscape is stand alone which gives it a definite prominence.
The mainfigure is off center and on the further right. I stir up the picture and make it a little unexpected.
Black layer

Blue layer
Red layer and some of the background painted over white and sanded

Figures done

I realized I hadn't done the Egyptian style with the hair sticking up in the air. I wanted to have wild hair styles and have some sidesplitting fun. The figure in the upper center is normal and his hair sticks up in the air. One figure has hair that sticks out from his sides. Groups of figures have hair that sticks up in three or five rows.
I drew all the individual figures and sets of figures But I was having a hard time putting the sketch together.In community college I took a design class. The teacher knew how scatterbrained I am and suggested taking my individual design elements and dropping them and letting them fall where they may. This helped me escape my linear fine art "putting things in the center" mode of thinking.
 It was by using this method that I decided to put the figure sideways on top left.
The figure helps make the picture be fun and snazzy. Each set of figures was to have a grass island. I thought of having the whole background being green grass but I decided I wanted to show the signature blue dreamy sky of this series.

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