Thursday, November 6, 2014

Eye of God Section 1

This work was started by dreamily thinking of Farnese Ceiling by Annibale Caracci. It's very ethereal almost roocoo in its ability to be light and fanciful. I love the flying angels and the trompe o'loeil elements of golden frames sectioning the piece in different panels. I also love the green mythical scenery as well. In my work I will also use these artistic devices.
The first instinct I had was to use wooden circles. A year ago I found a circle in the lumber section at Home Depot. It's ornamental and a very open shape. The circle also has a kind of magical feeling to it. I found it different to paint on. It has no end or beginning. It is elusive and freeing.
 My studio Warehouse 1005 has a room for solo exhibits. I did an exhibit a couple months ago. In this exhibit I thought of all the pieces being the same and cohesive.I thought more about the idea of exhibit versus just art pieces.I started to think bigger and more conceptually.  For this exhibit the room will be covered in circles which will surround the room and visually unite it.
The idea of this piece will be about the Eye of God.It does seem like a heavenly force is watching over us. At church I was raised to believe he was all powerful and all knowing. I imagine God as a figure with a Persian or Egyptian eye. I was impressed with Egyptian art. The eyes are forceful, majestic and royal.I also love Persian miniatures because they are intimate and tiny. It occured to me later that I chose the circle board because it resembles an eyeball.
Every time I think of God I think of the preexistence. As a person raised in the Mormon church we are taught we existed before we were born as spirit babies. My whole life I've wondered about these spirit babies. I imagine them free and youthful running around. I think as God as a kind of big spirit baby among the children. The angels and multiple figures are the spirit children. God is running around in a diaper with a golden safety pin. He is special and holy.
I have started about three pieces already. But the paintings are not all painted yet. It will be good to map my journey.
For this project I've sketched unusually. Usually I sketch on 8X10 pieces of paper. But this time I worked different. I start with a figure which I make up in my head. It starts with the eye and the face and then figure comes. I extend that sketch with more paper and mailing tape.At the end I cut the paper into a circle. I I don't know why I'm sketching bigger. Maybe my ideas can't get through on a thumbnail sketch. I know not everything in the sketch will be painted on the panel. In the painting process I will simplify. But it still will be visually close.

(An example of a sketch of mine. Will outline future ones in pen so they can be seen better)
A sketch for one of the paintings
I have painted three so far.

Next blog I will show how I do a painting step by step to the final project.
I hope I will learn a lot. I am not that much of a writer and it isn't my forte. But I believe I will be able to express myself better with practice.

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