Thursday, November 13, 2014

Eye of God Section 3

I start with an outline of the figures and landscape, and fill it in black.
I then layer the figures in blue.
I then layer it in red. I've been doing this process for a couple years now. It always
me to subtly put form and build small layers of marks with opaque paint on top of it. I then build a caricature on that form  I use abstraction and distortion to the point where the humans look cartoony.. I then fill in smaller faces. Then I paint the background. For the past couple of years it has been decorative motifs like circles and dots. Lately though it has been landscapes.
I start by filling in the figure with yellowish flesh paint. I apply paint
with tiny brushes and finger painting. 

Two figures are done.

I had painted the figures in a more illustrative style like The Little Prince   The line is more delicate and less a big black outline that is more typical of my work. The figures resemble a jolly king. I wanted two such figures to create a joyful and whimsical narrative.
I decided to place several gold frames within the picture. They all display little vignettes of landscapes of trees. I added the circle in the middle as an unusual way of adding the angels to the scene. They are in a big little bubble flying and staring out at the audience. I added trees in the middle as almost a place holder for the bubble.
I wanted a soft misty sfumato look for the background and thought about a  blue typical of a Rococo painting. For the bottom of the painting I wanted to include tons of trees amongst the circles. I changed my mind and chose to simplify and incorporate more blue sky.
Drovers and Shepherdesses in an Idyllic Pastoral Landscape by Isaac de Moucheron, an example of a soft Rococo sky
The sketch
The outline

Black fill in
Blue layer 

Red layer

Finished painting. I added more of the Rococo blue background. I also have little flying angels behind him.

I portrayed God as kind of like a Rocky figure with a prizewinning personality. He seems like he's ready for a fight. I was bored with the usual black, dark brown color hair I had been painting for the last couple of works. I decided to give God and his angels blond highlights. For some reason the God resembles the type of characters in one of the old Russian movies similar to Barbara the Fair with Silken Hair. He has a magical European presence and seems very wise .
I also used more of the Rococo blue that I had in the last picture I chose not to include any landscape in this one. I find the blue very calming. The picture to me looks like they're in a a state of bliss in the Heavenly Gates.

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