Thursday, November 20, 2014

Eye of God Section 4

I start with a line drawing
Then I fill in the shapes with black, then blue, then red.

The people and eyes painted.

 The background being filled in with blue and some of the grass is filled in.

I started off the sketch with a sketch of a group of Egyptian cup bearers who hold no cups. I was concerned with the job that the cup bearer represents rather than showing the actual pots. The first
reason I chose the cup bearer was because it seemed like an arduous task but nevertheless to a degree
not completely necessary. But I think unconsciously I knew that this profession had a noble honor to it. A cup bearer is a worker for a king who performs a sacred task as well being trustworthy and loyal to a king.. 

(Example of a Minoan cup bearer)
I really love how in Egyptian art there is a repetition of figures. Also there is a hierarchy. Figures that are powerful are bigger, and the lower peons are smaller. Even though the angels flying overhead
don''t represent that position.
The kings are actually the eye of God. He is watching over us. But he is watching over us in all directions. I chose to flip the figure to offset the composition and make it less symmetrical..
I decided that the landscape be different. In other paintings I have painted cypress and other trees.  Whenever I think of the stereotypical happy landscape I think of hills and a sunrise. It isn't painted happy, But I did want to convey some of that idea. I also decided to add the landscape upside down to resemble the movement of the heads.
I added some angels in the top of the painting. These are old Christian angels.It occurs to me it's odd I add Egyptians and a Christian theme together. It's both old religion and new religion mixing together. But spirituality is universal. I also just did a Google search and found there are Egyptian angels which I never thought existed before.But for this painting to be consistent I'm staying with the Christian angels.
I wanted to continue the little circle frame inside the big frame. I added two little frames on the top of the painting. Each of them include a little person with a big eye. I made one of the eyes bigger to emphasize the
power of the one omnipresent eye.
The drawing
I actually painted a sketch over a sketch I did of the painting I decided I didn't like Shortcuts in layering on this one. I think I did black and then red paint..

Me doing the main figure

Me doing the main figure and the little figures. Painting the frames.

Finished paintnig

I started with a sketch of a jolly fat baby. He is larger and is the king in this piece.. I painted
a frame on the left of him of an angel with wings that are attached to his body. He does not have arms. He is a a hybrid between human and angel, but more angel than human. I again decided to have trees be pedestals except this time the trees hold the gold frame with the person inside.
I drew some little fat babies. I thought it would be predictable if I put the babies on land. They are not flying but floating in the middle of the sky full of clouds.
The angels are at the bottom of the painting. Angels are usually painted in the sky. I decided that wasn't remarkable.. I painted a frame that comes into the near middle of the picture.
It looks like one angel is going to hop out of the frame. His foot is even on it.

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