Saturday, November 8, 2014

Eye of God Section 2

The sketch

I wanted to do a sketch where the a frame enters into a picture and contains a frame In this picture there are two frames that gain entree in the picture on the top right and top left. I also wanted carefree people running around joyfully on the grass. In these pictures I choose a color palette of sky blues and light greens. I believe these colors are simple and carry a light and breezy narrative.
The tone waas different from the sketch to the finished painting. When I finished this painting I immediately thuoght Aztec I remember in my Chicano history class we learned of a violent Aztec game that would happen with a similar circle with a hole in it.  Maybe unconsciously I was channeling this. In the sketch the silver balls were little earth balls. But here they look like soccer balls. Iin the after life maybe it is not all
peaceful. There could be a violent battle. Or maybe there are competitive sport games?
The ball game I thought about


When I did this sketch I saw a mother chicken looking after her chicks. This drawing gave me a maternal vibe which wasn't the direction I was going for in most of the sketches. I was thinking of God as a dominant masculine presence. But it occurred to me that maybe God is both maternal and paternal.I was drawing the sketch in a round way when it occurred to me to draw a frame curling in on the left. I think it adds more of an unpredictable and disjointed presence. I wanted to add more of an angel prseence in my work and continued the theme here The tiny figures are angels with wings.

I started this sketch with the idea of the two Egyptians being twins. Twins has been a constant presence in my work apparently starting unconsciously. I remember a person at my Skyline Loft commenting on the symbolism of twins and birth in a picture "Red Dot Fever," I have also done a more obvious series with me and my twin as spirit babies in heaven.
 To digress, I am a twin. As a twin you grow up thinking of a person before yourself. It's odd to think a three years old would know the value of benevolence and sacrifice. But being a twin gives you that gift of honor and kindness.I do think there is a fascination with the idea of a doppleganger or a person that could be your psychological or visual equal. I decided to make them unearthly.They don't have a regular body with legs. They are like ghosts. 
I didn't want this sketch to be symmetrical. It would be cool to mix up the pictures so viewers get a range of designs and compositions. The twins are off center. Trees are scattered throughout the picture. Some are floating, others are at ground level. I wanted some faces to level the top half of the picture. There are two big heads with angel wings.
I chose to add some circle frames in the middle of the picture.These circle frames would not be connected to the central frame. Three circle frames are floating on the top left of the picture. The twins have a frame circling them except that this frame does not have an open circle. The middle of the frame is a frame. I wanted more of an industrial look.

I outline the lines in my paintnig. Under layer of red. I start with painting the eyes,

I paint the background color. I do some of the faces and eyes.


I started this sketch knowing that I didn't want a single central figure. I wanted figures standing side by side in some sort of procession. This panel would be one of more softness and elegance. I wanted a picturesque kind of olive tree,  ..A tree would be painted with impasto like dabs of paint.In some of the colums of the Farnese ceiling some areas of mainly landscape are separated by a frame. I admire the idea of unfocused landscape being important enough. The bottom of the picture has no figures. It is just trees.
At the top of the panting I wanted little flying angels with a flowery element. I immediately thought of this section of the Farnese ceiling. Except the figures overhead are carrying potpourri like bouquet of flowers.

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